The Quality Policy of C.R Medi Tech Lab (Pvt) Ltd states our commitment for providing health care services that represent the quality, reliability, efficiency and safety for our patients and the staff.

At Medi Tech Lab, Quality comes first. We are aware that our patients and physicians are depending upon us to Get accurate, complete laboratory results in a timely manner. We are completely aware that each specimen represents a person awaiting a laboratory report that they can trust and help in making crucial healthcare decisions.

The extensive quality assurance begins with hiring and credentialing the highly trained professionals who perform our clinical laboratory testing.

Proficiency testing, quality control, document control and quality assurance exercised at the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical stages ensure that each specimen receives the best quality testing that laboratory medicine offers.

The organization is committed to implementing and maintaining good professional practices and compliance to applicable regulations to ensure the quality of operations in its testing, reporting and consultation services.

C.R. Medi Tech Lab (Pvt) Ltd is committed to provide the services in accordance with applicable national and international medical standards and accreditations.

The firm strives to achieve customer satisfaction by maintaining independence, impartiality and integrity in its operations, and improving its management system to offer an efficient service.

We ensure that all personnel involved in the quality of operations familiarize with the policies and procedures of the management system and implement the same in their work.

Medi Tech Lab is committed to develop and implement an effective Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

We establish, implement, maintain and continually review our Quality Management System objectives at all relevant levels and functions within the organization.

The lab has implemented occupational health and safety protocols for the personals (especially for radiology professions)   to ensure their long term health and wellness.